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Book 1 in the Pricon saga

Pricon, a decorated marine who had won many battles, but suffered many losses, was making the most of the new era of peace with his wife. Life on Rackshan, a colonised moon, had finally settled after a relentless war.


The Archrons, a predator race, attacks an outpost and the fragile peace begins to collapse once more. Reluctantly, Pricon would have to take up arms again. He leaves his wife behind for what he thought would be his last mission. 

The Defense Council is fooled to believe the insult is a mere accident. Pricon and his team soon uncover that the “accident” is, in fact, the start of a wider conflict. Pricon’s mission is simple: extract the newly discovered technology return and annihilate the enemy army.


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Zanders Salvation.


The industrial world Zander manufactures many of the defence cops ships and weapons. when the crops fail the defence council offers free escorts and security to anyone willing to help.
Jack decides the opportunity of easy money is too good to turn down. however his ship "The Salamander" is ill prepared for the pirates who pray on commercial shipping.

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Book 2 in the Pricon saga

Pricon returns to Rackshan to help a friend. With the future of his loved ones in the balance​ nothing could prepare him for the decision he would have to make.
Coming soon.

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