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Broken Ceasefire, by W A Blinko, is an exciting sci-fi piece that follows the story of Pricon and his team as they venture to protect their kind from an alien race known as the Archrons.


Pricon is a war veteran who must leave home to prove that the Archrons have been setting up an attack. He teams up with a rookie pilot, another marine like himself, and a crafty alien. The team dynamic is quite endearing. The author illustrated their companionship sweetly and gradually - as in real life.


The main themes of this story are hope, determination and the human bond that requires understanding. The writer carefully inserts sweet little clues and pathways to discovering these themes without being overly blunt.


Furthermore, the story is eventful and has several exhilarating action scenes. W A Blinko is positively gifted at illustrating exciting adventure scenes. His descriptions are vivid and nail-biting.


What I liked most about the book were the action scenes and the portrayal of the characters. Each character was defined by their dialogue and opinions - as in reality. The amount of dialogue was perfect - it was always intriguing and set a particularly good pace for the story.


I would've preferred a better understanding of the enemy Archron race. Understanding the enemy or villain always makes a story more relatable and credible. At this point, the Archrons are simply the "bad guy."


However, I expect a sequel ahead - for which I am excited for. I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the Archrons and Pricon's team.


I recommend this book to all fantasy lovers, including sci-fi buffs. It has the human connection that fantasy readers tend to enjoy. There's one instance of mild profane language, and thus the book is suitable for teenagers and young adults.


Warda Ebrahim

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