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34K and not finished yet!

34k words into book 2 here are some snippets.

A mass of pulverised Sandstone had formed a thick dens cloud ahead blocking any exit. Flipping and twisting the ATF headed downwards Diana tried to pull up fearing they would impact the ground, but Pricon had disengaged the controls. Gravity reached inside and took Diana stomach pining it to the back of the ATF. The ATF continued to dive the altimeter plummeted towards zero. Diana braced for impact.

Pulling back on the controls the ATF gained height, Pricon snapped the throttle to full then cut it off. The ATF flipped over, in a split second two Archron fighters appeared. One-Shot and TJ opened fire sending them to oblivion. As the ATF completed its flip Pricon jabbed at the thrust once more. With the tip of the ATF skimming the water Pricon lowered the landing gear. Levelling off as they came round the corner.

I hope BOOk 2 and 3 will be out by the end of the year!

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