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The road ahead.

The last 2 years have seen a big shift for me. I started a new job and what can I say? It too over, money is tight when your starting out. TikTok went crazy in this time and I have had a number of videos go viral. but what has happened to the writing I hear you ask.

Well it has been pushed back, until now. this year I plan to erase 2 new books. that's right just like a bus you wait for one and then two come along. the sequel to Broken Ceasefire is coming along. (you can catch me on YouTube writing it live)

So the road ahead lookalike this, writing writing and more writing lol. by the end of this month (February) the first draft will be completed. I will aime to have each stage finished each month for a Sumer release, then by the end of the year I will be releasing a new series.

So watch this space! I will also be blogging more here. thanks you for your support take care and I will catch you next time. Wayne.

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