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Time for a change

As I am writing this the nights are drawing in and the weather is... I would say changing but to be honest I don't know about you but it feels more of the same!

I have started voluntary job at the National Film and Sci-fi museum in the uk. It's in Milton Keens. the Museum is full of props from classic films and TV shows from Star Wars to Sherlock. Aliens has a nice section!

I find working there is inspiring as I am a nerd first and writer second. I wish it was a little closer to home but the drive there and back does get me thinking of fresh ideas for my books.

Book two is getting there next month I will send out a sample chapter As I write the sequel the initial title didn't seam to fit the story so I am considering changing it to "Return fire" or "Counter Strike" what do you think?. I have held off the book covers for now as I feel the title needs addressing first but rest assured they are coming!

TikTok continues to grow and I am really great full for all the support I get on that platform You can find it here.

This month I had another great author on the podcast M B Blissett, but there was a problem with the recording so hopefully we can redo it. His book "The lightning Thesaurus" is a very enjoyable read with some surprising twists and turns. pleas do check him out and let him know I sent you. you can find his books here

That all for now. Thank you for your support, take care until next time.



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